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Refund Policy

The purpose of this online platform is smooth, hassle free registration. Please go through the details, instructions, terms and conditions, rules and regulations before registering. Make sure your details are correct when you are making the account.
Registration Fees, once paid successfully, will not be refunded as per the rules and regulations of LIMIT 2021. Our Policy for cancellation and refund will be as follows:

Refund Policy

We will try our best to provide the respective services for our clients. However, if there is an incorrect registration, illegitimate information, falsified information or fault while registration, under no circumstances shall the registration fees be refunded.
If a payment has been made on your end and we have not received the same, do intimate us with sufficient proof. We will try our best to resolve the same with RazorPay.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellaton of registration is allowed in any case once you pay the fees for LIMIT 2021.
If the amount gets deducted from your account but you do not receive any confirmation or registration successful message or email then you should wait for 2-3 working days before registering and making the payment again. (Even if it exceeds the registration deadline)
Avoid making multiple payments. In case you make multiple registrations and payments then you will be held responsible for the same and any payment will not be refunded under normal circumstances.
Under extra-ordinary situations*, submission of adequate proof and the discretion of the LIMIT Team, we will try our best to resolve conflicts, if possible.

* To be decided by the LIMIT team at their discretion. No normal situations where the fault is of the client will be entertained.